Cleaning Agents & Products

Poulticing Materials

Attapulgite Clay: Attapulgite is a colloidal lath-shaped mineral that is chemically described as hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate

Diatomaceous Earth : Our diatomaceous earth is specially processed and finely divided. It is chemically inert (silica) and light tan in color. It can be used as a mild abrasive or absorbent.

Fullers Earth: Fuller's earth is a mineral that differs from attapulgite in that it is composed of a three layer sheet crystal which forms a flake-like particle. The principal mineral of fuller's earth is montmorillonite.

Kaolin Colloidal: The principal mineral that makes up Kaolin is kaolinite which is a form of calcined aluminum silicate.

Laponite RD Synthetic Clay: Laponite RD is a highly-purified, synthetic colloidal clay that imparts viscosity and suspension properties to various types of formulations