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Beva®371 Film

BEVA® 371 Film is made of pure BEVA 371 Solution. The adhesive film comes sandwiched between two sheets: one of 1.5-mil silicone-coated Mylar release film and a sheet of 4-mil silicone-coated release paper. The BEVA 371 Film and its Mylar release sheet are completely transparent and dimensionally stable. The transparent support allows the film to be cut precisely to any shape, and to place it exactly where desired. This is particularly useful in the consolidation of collages and sensitive materials.

BEVA 371 Film is solvent free and does not adhere to anything before it is activated with either heat or solvents. It can be inserted into loose areas, and delaminating paint can be properly aligned while the adhesive is inactive. The adhesive can then be activated with a hot air gun, tacking iron or vacuum heat table at a temperature of 150°F or 65°C. The hot air gun technique eliminates any staining and is least harmful to the texture of the painted surface.

BEVA 371 Film can be removed from absorbent surfaces by using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the artwork involved. These solvents do not dissolve the film but merely swell it and therefore don't contaminate or stain absorbent materials. BEVA 371 Film is available in rolls 27 " and 54 " wide and 20' long (69 cm x 610 cm) in two different thickness. The standard 2.5 ml film is ideally suited for transparent linings on paintings such as Mylar and Lexan. The 1.0 ml film is equally useful for paper conservators where it is desirable to use a thinner layer of adhesive such as with works of art on paper. Since it is not a liquid, it can be applied to small, clearly defined areas without fear of spreading.

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-12127-0005Beva 371 Film 1.0 mil, 27” x 5'$33.50
AD-12127-0020Beva 371 Film 1.0 mil, 27” x 20'$105.00
AD-12227-0005Beva 371 Film 2.5 mil, 27” x 5'$33.50
AD-12227-0020Beva 371 Film 2.5 mil, 27” x 20'$105.00
AD-12254-0020Beva 371 Film 2.5 mil, 54” x 20'$210.00

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