Adhesives & Consolidants

Beva Adhesives

Beva® 371b Solution: BEVA® 371b Solution is especially useful for relining paintings and can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed to almost any surface

Beva® D-8: BEVA® D-8 is an aqueous, non-ionic dispersion, which consists mainly of an ethylene vinyl acetate emulsified by a volatile material, which evaporates during drying, without leaving a residue.

Beva® Gel: BEVA® GEL is an aqueous dispersion of ethylene vinyl acetate and acrylic resins in a solution of water-soluble cellulose materials

Beva®371 Film: BEVA® 371 Film is made of pure BEVA 371 Solution. The adhesive film comes sandwiched between two sheets: one of 1.5-mil silicone-coated Mylar release film and a sheet of 4-mil silicone-coated release paper