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Beva® 371b Solution

BEVA®371 Solution was developed by Gustav A. Berger in 1970. Solids make up 40%(by weight) of the adhesive solution and are comprised of the following components: Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (Elvax 150), Cyclohexanone resin (Lapropal K80), Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (A-C copolymer), Phthalate ester of hydroabietyl alcohol (Cellolyn 21), and Petrolatum (Paraffin). Solvents make up 60%of the solution, which is a combination of Toluene and Naphtha.

BEVA®371 Solution is especially useful for relining paintings and can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed to almost any surface. For most applications, the solution (more like a gel at room Temperature) should be reduced by equal amounts of naphtha or xylene. Complete instructions come with each can.

BEVA®371 Solution can be removed from absorbent surfaces by using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the artwork involved. These solvents do not dissolve the adhesive but merely swell it, and therefore don't contaminate or stain absorbent materials.

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AD-10105-0032Beva 371b Solution, Qt$32.50
AD-10105-0100Beva 371b Solution, Gal$80.00

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