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Cerex is a spunbounded fabric made from 100% nylon. One of its unique features is that the filaments are bonded at each crossover points. Cerex provides a strength that is significantly higher than that of most fabrics and is very heat resistant. Cerex is an excellent reinforcement material for lining and backing of papes and fabrics. Cerex is a tissue weight fabric, its usage should be limited to repairs and other areas accordingly. Cerex can be used with a variety of adhesives such as Beva, PVA's, PVOH's, Bostik Web Adhesive and many more. Many other weights and widths are available. Please call for quote.

MaterialNominal Basis Wt.ThicknessWidth
Styleoz./yd2 / g/m2InchesInches
#T-23 0.40 / 13.562.9 mil60”


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
FB-22360-010Cerex, 60”, 10 yds$22.74
FB-22360-025Cerex, 60”, 25 yds$47.40
FB-22360-050Cerex, 60”, 50 yds$76.80
FB-22360-100Cerex, 60”, 100 yds$122.80

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