Fabrics & Lining Materials

Lining Fabrics

Cerex: Cerex is a spunbounded fabric made from 100% nylon. One of its unique features is that the filaments are bonded at each crossover points.

Cotton Duck: Our cotton duck

Hollytex: Hollytex spunbounded polyester is a sheet structure of continuous filament polyester fibers that have been compacted by a unique process involving simultaneous application of heat, pressure, and tension for a carefully controlled length of time.

Linen Fabric: Our linen fabrics are made from 100% natural linen fiber. None of our linens have dyes and are completely free of all finishes.

Polyester Edge Lining Tape: We offer four widths of polyester tape for use in edge lining of paintings.

Polyester Monofilament Fabric: Polyester Monofilament Fabric goes by a variety of tradenames, the most recognizable is PECAP.

Polyester SailCloth: Our sailcloth is manufactured in Germany and finished here in the United States.

Reemay: Reemay spunbounded polyester is a nonwoven fabric of continuous filament polyester fibers that are randomly arranged, highly dispersed and thermally bonded at the filament junctions.

Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric: Sunbrella is solution dyed 100% woven acrylic fabric that is 60" in width and has a weight of 9.5 oz. per sq. yard.

Sunbrella Light Acrylic Fabric: Sunbrella Light is a lighter weight fabric than the standard Sunbrella. It is a solution dyed, 100% woven acrylic fabric that is 54" in width.