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CSS HDPE Containers

We offer to you the same containers we use to repackage our products. They are good general purpose containers you will find useful around any lab or shop.

All styles of these containers are sold by the each and dozen. Quantity pricing is available, just call.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-94016CSS-HDPE Cylinder, 16oz each$0.00
LS-94016-12CSS-HDPE Cylinder, 16oz dozen$0.00
LS-94032CSS-HDPE Cylinder, 32oz each$0.00
LS-94032-12CSS-HDPE Cylinder, 32oz dozen$0.00
LS-94128CSS-HDPE Jug, 1 gal each$0.00
LS-94128CSS-HDPE Jug, 1 gal. each$0.00
LS-94128-12CSS-HDPE Jug, 1 gal dozen$0.00
LS-94128-12CSS-HDPE Jug, 1 gal. dozen$0.00
LS-94130CSS-HDPE Jug HD, 1 gal. each$0.00
LS-95002CSS-PP Straight Jar, 2oz. each$0.00
LS-95002-12CSS-PP Straight Jar, 2oz. dozen$0.00
LS-95004CSS-PP Straight Jar, 4oz. each$0.00
LS-95004-12CSS-PP Straight Jar, 4oz dozen.$0.00
LS-95008CSS-PP Straight Jar, 8oz each$0.00
LS-95008-12CSS-PP Straight Jar, 8oz. dozen$0.00
LS-95016CSS-PP Straight Jar, 16oz. each$0.00
LS-95016-12CSS-PP Straight Jar, 16oz. dozen$0.00
LS-96032CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, 32oz. each$0.00
LS-96032-12CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, 32oz. dozen$0.00
LS-96064CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, ½ Gal$0.00
LS-96064-12CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, ½ Gal. dozen$0.00
LS-96128CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, 1 Gal. each$0.00
LS-96128-12CSS-HDPE Wide Mouth Jar, 1 Gal. dozen$0.00

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