Laboratory Supplies & Equipment

Labware, Plastic

CSS HDPE Containers: We offer to you the same containers we use to repackage our products. They are good general purpose containers you will find useful around any lab or shop.

Dispensing Bottles: Low-density polyethylene bottles and spouts with sealer caps. Sealer snaps on easily after use and gives a tight seal.

Disposable Polyethylene Cups: Our disposable polyethylene mixing cups are graduated in ounces, milliliters and cubic centimeters.

Nalgene HDPE Narrow and Wide-Mouth Bottles: Nalgene bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are opaque, and are chemically unreactive at room temperature to most solvents and oils.

Nalgene Unitary Wash Bottles: Unitary wash bottles have a wide mouth for faster, easier filling.

Sample Containers: Our 4oz. / 120ml non-sterile graduated polypropylene sample containers (let's be honest, they're urine specimen cups), have threaded lids, are translucent, unbreakable and chemically resistant.