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Dow Corning 3110 RTV Silicone Rubber

Silastic 3110 RTV Silicone Rubber is Dow Corning’s lowest viscosity two-part silicone rubbers. It has a viscosity of 14,000 cps with a Shore A hardness of 45 and a tear strength of 15. It easily fills tiny crevices and indentations and is very easy to work with and pour. It offers a wide choice of handling and curing physical properties. No vacuum deairing is required. Silastic 3110 is ideal for capturing intricate details in art objects and simple shapes. There is no inhibition sensitivity to modeling clays and most adhesives, which could cause incomplete cure of mold. It does have moderate dimensional shrinkage. Curing times can be varied depending on the catalyst type and amount of catalyst used.

     MSDS 3110 Catalyst S     MSDS 3110 Catalyst F     Product Information Sheet    

Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CA-10105-0100 Silastic 3110 with Catalyst S, 1 lb. Kit$38.68
CA-10106-0100Silastic 3110 with Catalyst F, 1 lb. Kit$39.80
CA-10107-0045 Catalyst S, 45 gram$4.72
CA-10108-0045 Catalyst F, 45 gram$5.84
CA-10115-1000 Silastic 3110 with Catalyst S, 10 lb. Kit$296.88
CA-10116-1000Silastic 3110 with Catalyst F, 10 lb. Kit$301.22
CA-10117-0409Catalyst S, 409 gram$33.98
CA-10118-0409Catalyst F, 409 gram$42.05

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