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Our pump type solvent dispensers prevent toxic fumes and accidental spills from occurring due to their precision valve seals. Dispense only as much fluid as needed for the job. There is no stopper or cap to remove. One push to the pump dispenses only the required amount of fluid to the fluid reservoir. There are two types of pumps. Standard Dish Pump: allows the fluid to flow up through a hole in the center of a shallow dish reservoir. Purity Protector Pump: is designed specifically to prevent contaminates from entering back into the pump mechanism and container. The Purity Protector pump has a "mushroom" shaped plug that dispenses fluids into a shallow reservoir. Fluids flood the reservoir from the underside of the over-hanging lip of the "mushroom" shaped purity plug. Take-Along Style: Both types of pumps (Standard and Purity Protector) are available in a "Take-Along" style that locks down the pump mechanism. The lock down feature allows transportation of fluids within the container without the possibility of spillage by accidental pumping. Bottle Types: The Solvent Dispensers are available in a 4 oz. amber glass bottle, or 2, 4, 6 and 8 oz. high density polyethylene (HDPE) square shaped bottles.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-35112Solv. Disp., 4oz. Glass-Purity$0.00
LS-35315Solv. Disp., 4oz. Glass-Std. Dish$0.00
LS-35413Solv. Disp., 4oz. Glass-Std. Dish-T/A$0.00
LS-35414Solv. Disp., 4oz. Glass-Purity-T/A$0.00

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