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Syringes - Glass

Our glass syringes are of the LUER-LOK style. Needles are sold separately. Glass syringes contain no plastic or rubber parts. Thus, the all glass syringe is good for applications of solvents based materials or where heated adhesives are used that could melt the plastic body of a disposable syringe.

Conservation Support Systems sells syringes and needles for conservation use only. They are only to be used for the application of adhesives and consolidants in conservation treatments by professional conservators. Although some of these products are packaged as STERILE, all of these products should be considered as NON-STERILE. We do not, in any way, warehouse them in an environment to protect them as STERILE and they are never to be used for any MEDICAL PURPOSES. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of these products for any reason, at any time, to any individual. These products are for Industrial Use Only.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-20205-001Glass Syringe 5cc, Each$0.00
LS-20210-001Glass Syringe 10cc, Each$0.00
LS-20220-001Glass Syringe 20cc, Each$0.00
LS-20230-001Glass Syringe 30cc, Each$0.00
LS-20250-001Glass Syringe 50cc, Each$0.00

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