Laboratory Supplies & Equipment

Syringes & Needles

Disposable Syringes : Our disposable syringes are of the LUER-LOK style. Needles are sold separately (see disposable syringe needles, below).

Syringe Needles - Disposable : Our syringe needles for LUER-LOK type syringes fit both our disposable syringes and our glass syringes.

Syringe Needles - Reusable: Our reusable syringe needles are extra-heavy duty to penetrate hard surfaces without breaking. These superior quality stainless steel needles have a chrome plated brass luer lock hub and a sharp lancet point.

Syringes - Glass: Our glass syringes are of the LUER-LOK style. Needles are sold separately.

Syringes - Reusable: Our reusable nylon barrel syringes are transparent, virtually unbreakable and features permanent laser-etched gradation markings. The extra-large plunger handles and finger grips on the syringe makes these syringes exceptionally comfortable when injecting large amounts of viscous materials compared to standard disposable syringes.