Gloves, Inspection

Inspection Gloves, Cotton Heavy-Duty

Our standard heavy-duty cotton inspection gloves are a great value. These are a good alternative to our more costly Finest Heavy-Duty Gloves when you need to handle dirty objects that might ruin the better gloves. Unlike the cheap unhemmed, one-size fits all gloves that don't fit anyone, our Heavy-Duty cotton gloves are sized and are of a much higher quality. These gloves can be warn and washed many times. These gloves are sold by the dozen only.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-55305-0012Heavy-Duty Cotton Gloves-Sm$16.89
LS-55310-0012Heavy-Duty Cotton Gloves-Med$16.89
LS-55315-0012Heavy-Duty Cotton Gloves-Lg$16.89
LS-55320-0012Heavy-Duty Cotton Gloves-XL$16.89

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