Laboratory Supplies & Equipment

Gloves, Inspection

Inspection Gloves Lint-Free Nylon: Our Lint Free 40 Denier Nylon Gloves are made of 100% tricot nylon in a two-piece pattern with rolled hem cuffs. The gloves are extra thin and light weight allowing for greater dexterity, which are comfortable enough for all day wear.

Inspection Gloves Polyurethane: Inspection Gloves Polyurethane

Inspection Gloves Ultrane 550: The Ultrane 550 polyurethane glove is made from a lint-free, form fitting polyamide (nylon). They have a thin, uniform coating of polyurethane foam on the palm and fingers for an excellent non-slip grip and smudge free object handling.

Inspection Gloves, Cotton Finest Heavy-Duty: Our finest heavy-duty full fashion cotton inspection gloves are ideal when handling valuable objects.

Inspection Gloves, Cotton Heavy-Duty: Our standard heavy-duty cotton inspection gloves are a great value.

Inspection Gloves, Cotton Sure-Grip: Sure-Grip full fashion inspection gloves give you a firm grasp for that extra margin of safety when you're handling heavy, hard to hold objects that could slip if using standard cotton gloves.