Lascaux Restauro Adhesives

Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 360 498

Lascaux Acrylic Adhesives 360 HV and 498 HV are thermoplastic copolymer butyl-methacrylate dispersions thickened with acrylic butyl-ester. Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 498-20X is the same thermoplastic copolymer butyl-methacrylate dispersion, however it is thickened with 20%xylene. They are all water-thinnable, but insoluble in water after drying. Once dry they are permanently soluble in acetone, toluene and xylene, but insoluble in White Spirit, VM & P Naphtha.

LASCAUX ACRYLIC ADHESIVE 360 HV is extremely elastic. The dry film remains permanently tacky, and can be used as a contact adhesive when doing hot-sealing linings. It has a setting temperature of 122°F/50°C.

LASCAUX ACRYLIC ADHESIVE 498 HV has a strong elongation at break. It is a somewhat harder and not as tacky as Lascaux 360 HV. It is suitable for wet and dry applications (reactivation with solvents). This is the standard type for linings.. It has a setting temperature of 160°F/72°C.

LASCAUX ACRYLIC ADHESIVE 498-20X is especially suited for strip-lining. It has a setting temperature of 160°F/72°C. Additional application information is available upon request.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-24105-0008Lascaux 360 HV, 8 oz$0.00
AD-24105-0016Lascaux 360 HV, Pt.$0.00
AD-24105-0032Lascaux 360 HV, Qt.$0.00
AD-24105-0132Lascaux 360 HV, 5 Liter$0.00
AD-24110-0008Lascaux 498 HV, 8 oz.$0.00
AD-24110-0016Lascaux 498 HV, Pt.$0.00
AD-24110-0032Lascaux 498 HV, Qt$0.00
AD-24110-0132Lascaux 498 HV, 5 Liter$0.00
AD-24115-0008Lascaux 498-20X, 8 oz.$0.00
AD-24115-0016Lascaux 498-20X, Pt$0.00
AD-24115-0032Lascaux 498-20X, Qt$0.00
AD-24115-0132Lascaux 498-20X, 5 Liter$0.00

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