Adhesives & Consolidants

Lascaux Restauro Adhesives

Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 360 498: Lascaux Acrylic Adhesives 360 HV and 498 HV are thermoplastic copolymer butyl-methacrylate dispersions thickened with acrylic butyl-ester.

Lascaux Hydrosealer 750: Lascaux Hydrosealer 750 is a 30% aqueous dispersion of pure acrylic, solvent-free and of extremely fine particle size with a pH value of 8. It is used as a impregnation sealer for consolidation of sanding or crumbling or otherwise not consolidated grounds

Lascaux Welding Powder No 5060: Lascaux Welding Powder No. 5060 is a thermoplastic resin (Nylon 12) with a melting point of 80°C and is used as a hot-melt adhesive for textiles and leather