Micro-Matic Heated Spatula

Heated spatulas can go where no tacking iron has ever gone before. A heated spatula can apply pinpoint heat, at the exact temperature to the exact point needed. With the variety of shapes the interchangeable tips offer, you can apply heat with the accuracy of a needle or with one of the spade tips, reattach and smooth down a loose paint flake on a painting. Heated spatulas are great for every area of conservation work from paintings, works on paper, as well as objects conservation.

The Micro-Matic Heated Spatula has a digital temperature display that is used to maintain a selected temperature to within 1°C/°F. Nine different shaped tips are available (Tip #33 is included with the unit). This unit has a very comfortable, light weight handle. The temperature range can be varied from 100°F to 700°F.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-91120Micro Matic Headed Spatula, 120V$0.00
LS-91133Micro Matic Tip, #33$0.00
LS-91134Micro Matic Tip, #34$0.00
LS-91135Micro Matic Tip, #35$0.00
LS-91136Micro Matic Tip, #36$0.00
LS-91137Micro Matic Tip, #37$0.00
LS-91138Micro Matic Tip, #38$0.00
LS-91139Micro Matic Tip, #39$0.00
LS-91140Micro Matic Tip, #40$0.00
LS-91141Micro Matic Tip, #41$0.00
LS-91230Micro Matic Headed Spatula, 230V$0.00

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