Laboratory Supplies & Equipment


Heavy-Duty Spatulas: Our heavy-duty spatulas are made of stainless steel.

Micro Spatulas 0105" Dia Wire: Our 0.105" dia. micro spatulas come with either: two rounded ends, or one pointed and one rounded end.

Micro Spatulas 0156" Dia Wire: Our 0.156" dia. micro spatulas are similar to the ones pictured above but thicker and stiffer.

Micro-Matic Heated Spatula: The Micro-Matic Heated Spatula has a digital temperature display that is used to maintain a selected temperature to within 1°C/°F.

Spatula-Spoon: Made of .156" dia. nickel-stainless steel wire. Spoon end is approx. 1-1/4" x 9/16"; spatula end, 2" x 5/16".

Ultra-Waxer Heated Spatula: The Ultra-Waxer Heated Spatula features precise heat with 1°F accuracy and a temperature range from 100°F to 700°F.