Micro Spatulas 0105" Dia Wire

Our 0.105" dia. micro spatulas come with either: two rounded ends, or one pointed and one rounded end. The flats measure approximately 2" x 5/16" which are very flexible, and an overall length of 8". Made from nickel stainless steel wire with a 0.105" dia. polished to a mirror finish. The micro spatulas are also available coated with a Teflon coating.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-36105Micro Spatula, 0.105 Rd-Rd$0.00
LS-36107Micro Spatula, 0.105 Rd-Rd, Angled$0.00
LS-36110Micro Spatula, 0.105 Pt-Rd$0.00
LS-36112Micro Spatula, 0.105 Pt-Rd, Angled$0.00
LS-36115Micro Spatula, 0.105 Rd-Rd, TFE$0.00
LS-36125Micro Spatula, 0.105 Pt-Rd, TFE$0.00

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