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Nalgene HDPE Narrow and Wide-Mouth Bottles

Nalgene bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are opaque, and are chemically unreactive at room temperature to most solvents and oils. HDPE is slowly attacked by strong oxidizing agents and some solvents, which will cause softening or swelling of the bottles.

The narrow-mouth style bottles are better suited for liquids whereas the wide-mouth bottles are more easily filled and are for thicker liquids or dry materials. Each bottle has a leakproof polypropylene screw closure. Closures vary in size, see bottle description for actual closure dimensions.

1oz = 30ml4oz = 125ml 16oz = 500ml
2oz = 60ml8oz = 250ml32oz = 1000ml


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-93101-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 1oz - each$0.00
LS-93101-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 1oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93102-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 2oz - each$0.00
LS-93102-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 2oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93104-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 4oz - each$0.00
LS-93104-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 4oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93108-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 8oz - each$0.00
LS-93108-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 8oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93116-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 16oz - each$0.00
LS-93116-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 16oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93132-0001Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 32oz - each$0.00
LS-93132-0012Nalgene HDPE Narrow, 32oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93201-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 1oz - each$0.00
LS-93201-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 1oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93202-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 2oz - each$0.00
LS-93202-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 2oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93204-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 4oz - each$0.00
LS-93204-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 4oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93208-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 8oz - each$0.00
LS-93208-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 8oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93216-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 16oz - each$0.00
LS-93216-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 16oz - dozen$0.00
LS-93232-0001Nalgene HDPE Wide, 32oz - each$0.00
LS-93232-0012Nalgene HDPE Wide, 32oz - dozen$0.00

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