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Orvus WA Paste

Orvus WA Paste is a near-neutral pH, anionic synthetic surfactant and wetting agent with excellent detergency, emulsifying, and dispersing properties. The primary component of Orvus WA Paste is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is a gentle detergent that is recommended for cleaning most fine textiles. Orvus is a neutral pH synthetic detergent with excellent detergency, emulsifying and dispersing properties. Orvus contains no phosphorus and is biodegradable. Orvus is soluble in hot or cold water and provides excellent sudsing across a wide range of water hardness conditions. Orvus lowers surface tension, providing fast wetting and penetration, and is effective in many cleaning tasks, such as cleaning rugs, upholstery and hand washing of delicate fabrics. At room temperature, Orvus is an amber colored liquid of honey-like consistency, but solidifies into a white colored soft paste form at about 55°F.

Orvus is by no means limited to the cleaning of only textiles. Orvus is a gentle cleaner for most all surfaces including, but not limited to: stone objects, stain glass, sculptures, monuments and plaques of all materials. One word of caution when using Orvus, as with all surfactants, is to completely rinse all residue of the surfactant from the surface that you have cleaned. This is especially true of any porous materials.

Orvus is readily soluble in water. For reference, use 1 to 3 ounces (1 to 3 tablespoons) of Orvus per gallon of water (cold or hot) for most applications. Multiple cleanings may be necessary to achieve desired results. Rinse very well in order to remove all traces of Orvus from fabrics and all surfaces. When using this product as with all chemicals and cleaners, always wear gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing.

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CL-18005-0016Orvus WA Paste, Pint$13.95
CL-18005-0032Orvus WA Paste, Quart$21.72
CL-18005-0100Orvus WA Paste, Gallon (7.5lbs)$32.20
CL-18005-0400Orvus WA Paste, 4 x 1 Gallon$123.68

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