Cleaning Agents & Products

Detergents & Soaps

Maypon 4C: Maypon 4C is a mild nonionic natural protein based surface-active surfactant.

Orvus WA Paste: Orvus WA Paste is a near-neutral pH, anionic synthetic surfactant and wetting agent with excellent detergency, emulsifying, and dispersing properties

Surfonic JL-80X: Surfonic JL-80X is a good alternative to Triton X-100. Surfonic JL-80X has all the same basic properties as Triton X-100, but is safer to use (See Health and Safety Notes below).

Triton X-100: Triton X-100 is a nonionic surface-active detergent that consists of 100% active ingredients and is 99%+ biodegradable

Vulpex Soap: Vulpex Soap is based on potassium methyl cyclohexyl oleate. It is an exceptionally versatile cleaner for textiles, leather, carpets, oil paintings, sculpture, metals and stone. The concentrate is soluble in water or in white spirit.