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Polyester Monofilament Fabric

Polyester Monofilament Fabric goes by a variety of tradenames, the most recognizable is PECAP.

This material is hard to ship without it getting wrinkled. A simple ironing on low to medium temperature will quickly remove the wrinkles. Keep in mind if you do use an iron, that this material will melt if your not careful.

Many other weights and widths are available. Call for pricing on larger quantities and different sizes and weights.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
FB-16060-042Monofilament Fabric 60, 42”$0.00
FB-16060-061Monofilament Fabric 60, 61”$0.00
FB-16125-044Monofilament Fabric 125, 44”$0.00
FB-16125-063Monofilament Fabric 125, 63”$0.00
FB-16180-044Monofilament Fabric 180, 44”$0.00
FB-16180-061Monofilament Fabric 180, 61”$0.00
FB-16255-045Monofilament Fabric 255, 45”$0.00
FB-16255-061Monofilament Fabric 255, 61”$0.00
FB-16305-045Monofilament Fabric 305, 45”$0.00
FB-16305-061Monofilament Fabric 305, 61”$0.00
FB-16330-045Monofilament Fabric 330, 45”$0.00
FB-16330-061Monofilament Fabric 330, 61”$0.00

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