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Polyester SailCloth

Our sailcloth which is also referred to as Boeing Gasket Material F1311B00M is manufactured in Germany and finished here in the United States. The sailcloth is uncoated 100% polyester fabric that is 54" in width, pure white in color, and has a basis weight of 5.5 oz. The sailcloth is removed from the production line before any finishes are applied; therefore it is totally free of all finishing resins, especially melamine-formaldehyde. The fabric is scoured to remove all contaminants and then heat-set at 400°F to tighten the weave. This pre-shrinking of the material eliminates the possibility of shrinking or warping during most lining process using heat setting techniques. Our polyester sailcloth is 54" in width and is sold by the yard.


Catalog No.Description1 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100+Quantity
FB-14105-001Polyester Sailcloth, 1 yd$17.37$15.82$15.03$14.28

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