Heat-Shrink Tubing

Polyolefin 2-1 Heat-Shrink Tubing

Our Polyolefin heat-shrink tubing works well as a padding for most rod and even flat stock used in mount making supports. Its use is not limited to just covering brass and metal, but will work just as well on wood dowels and other substrates. The tubing is made of polyolefin that does not contain flame retarding additives and has no manufacturers markings. When heated to 275°F for about a minute, the tubing will shrink to approximately ½ its original size. When deciding on the best size of tubing to fit a particular job it is always best to select the tubing size closest to the diameter needed. The measurement of heat-shrink tubing is that of its inside diameter. Heat-shrink tubing works best if you don't try to shrink it more than 40%of its original size. The best way to shrink the tubing is to use a heat gun or hot air tool with a reducing tip for precise control. Never use an open flame to shrink the tubing, it will burn! Call for availability of larger diameter tubing and pricing.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AS-20063-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/16", 10ft$8.68
AS-20063-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/16", 25ft$16.44
AS-20063-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/16", 100ft$36.47
AS-20094-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 3/32", 10ft$9.36
AS-20094-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear,3/32", 25ft$17.55
AS-20094-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 3/32", 100ft$38.81
AS-20125-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/8", 10ft$9.96
AS-20125-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/8", 25ft$18.54
AS-20125-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/8", 100ft$42.72
AS-20188-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 3/16", 10ft$10.51
AS-20188-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 3/16", 25ft$19.44
AS-20188-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 3/16", 100ft$48.79
AS-20250-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/4", 10ft$13.29
AS-20250-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/4", 25ft$24.37
AS-20250-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Clear, 1/4", 100ft$58.03
AS-21063-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/16", 10ft$8.68
AS-21063-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/16", 25ft$16.44
AS-21063-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/16", 100ft$36.47
AS-21094-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 3/32", 10ft$9.36
AS-21094-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black,3/32", 25ft$17.55
AS-21094-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 3/32", 100ft$38.81
AS-21125-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/8", 10ft$9.96
AS-21125-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/8", 25ft$18.54
AS-21125-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/8", 100ft$42.72
AS-21188-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 3/16", 10ft$10.51
AS-21188-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 3/16, 25ft$19.44
AS-21188-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 3/16", 100ft$48.79
AS-21250-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/4", 10ft$13.29
AS-21250-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/4", 25ft$24.37
AS-21250-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/Black, 1/4", 100ft$58.03
AS-22063-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/16", 10ft$8.68
AS-22063-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/16", 25ft$16.44
AS-22063-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/16", 100ft$36.47
AS-22094-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 3/32", 10ft$9.36
AS-22094-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/White,3/32", 25ft$17.55
AS-22094-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 3/32", 100ft$38.81
AS-22125-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/8", 10ft$9.96
AS-22125-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/8", 25ft$18.54
AS-22125-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/8", 100ft$42.72
AS-22188-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 3/16, 10ft$10.51
AS-22188-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 3/16", 25ft$19.44
AS-22188-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 3/16", 100ft$48.79
AS-22250-0010Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/4", 10ft$13.29
AS-22250-0025Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/4", 25ft$24.37
AS-22250-0100Heat-Shrink Tubing/White, 1/4", 100ft$58.03

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