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Sculpture Wax

Our Sculpture Wax is based on the formula originally developed for the National Park Service that has been recently modified by Getty. It can be used on outdoor or indoor sculptures, plaques or most any surface made of metals, brass, copper, marble, stone, or most any non-porous or semi-porous surface. Sculpture Wax is made from a blend of Microcrystalline and Synthetic Waxes. Our formula does NOT contain any Polywax unless requested. We offer this product in several forms; Sculpture Wax Solid and our ready to use Sculpture Wax Paste. Both are available in your choice of either a clear or dark version. If your project has any special requirements, please let us know and we will gladly formulate the product per your special request.

Our Sculpture Wax Solid is a blend of waxes that comes in the form of one pound cakes approx. 6" x 4-1/2" x 1-1/2" each. To use our Sculpture Wax Solid, the cakes will need to be slowly heated over a double boiler or wax pot (never over an open flame) and applied hot, or once melted allowed to cool at which point a solvent of choice can be added and mixed into the warm, softened wax to produce a soft paste wax that can applied (much like a car wax). It can also be used with any number of torch methods. Once the wax is allowed to dry, simply buff the wax with a microfiber cloth or brush to leave behind a long lasting protective coating. This wax is available in both a clear or dark version.

Our Sculpture Wax Paste is the same wax as described above but modified with the addition of mineral spirits as a softening agent, making it ready to apply right out of the can (much like a car wax). Our paste wax is first thoroughly melted, mixed and combined with a solvent while still hot, to make for a superior blended wax formulation. To apply the wax, simply use a pad, microfiber cloth or brush and allow it to air dry. Then just buff it to a shine with a clean microfiber cloth or brush. Remember that our paste wax is available in either a clear or dark version.

A word of CAUTION, never, ever, add any solvent to hot wax until the temperature of the melted wax is well BELOW the flash point of the solvent you choose to use. If you add solvent to hot wax that is above the flash point of the solvent, you run an almost certain risk of a life threatening EXPLOSION. Be careful and use a good thermometer.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-19055-0010Sculpture Wax - Clear, 1 lb.$14.34
CM-19055-0050Sculpture Wax - Clear, 5 lbs$67.20
CM-19055-0100Sculpture Wax - Clear, 10 lbs$128.40
CM-19057-0010Sculpture Wax - Dark, 1 lb.$14.34
CM-19057-0050Sculpture Wax - Dark, 5 lbs$67.20
CM-19057-0100Sculpture Wax - Dark, 10 lbs$128.40
CM-19255-0032Sculpture Wax Paste - Clear, 1 Qt.$43.78
CM-19255-0100Sculpture Wax Paste - Clear, 1 Gal$123.42
CM-19257-0032Sculpture Wax Paste - Dark, 1 Qt.$43.78
CM-19257-0100Sculpture Wax Paste - Dark, 1 Gal$123.42

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