Coatings, Mediums & Modifiers

Waxes, Formulated

Butchers Bowling Alley Wax: Butcher's Wax is a blend of carnauba and microcrystalline waxes with mineral spirits as a softening agent.

CPC Wax: CPC Conservator's Wax

Myland's Waxes: Myland's Clear Wax

Renaissance Wax: Renaissance Wax is a blend of microcrystalline waxes that both cleans and polishes

Sculpture Wax: Our Sculpture Wax is based on the formula originally developed for the National Park Service that has been recently modified by Getty. It can be used on outdoor or indoor sculptures, plaques or most any surface made of metals, brass, copper, marble, stone, or most any non-porous or semi-porous surface.