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Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric

Sunbrella is solution dyed 100% woven acrylic fabric that is available in both 60" and 80" widths and has a weight of 9.5 oz. per sq. yard.

Sunbrella comes in 5 colors. Natural (White), Oyster (Sandy), Linen (Tan) are all made from a single color thread thus yielding a solid color. The two that are my personal choices for favorite colors are Canvas and Heather Beige. Canvas and Heather Beige are both woven with several different colored threads which gives these fabrics a weave pattern and coloration that looks like a natural canvas fabric (Canvas) and a aged natural linen fabric (Heather Beige). Call for pricing on larger quantities.


Catalog No.Description1 - 910 - 2425+Quantity
FB-16004Sunbrella, Natural - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-16028Sunbrella, Toast - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-16033Sunbrella, Linen - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-16042Sunbrella, Oyster - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-16046Sunbrella, Canvas - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-16072Sunbrella, Heather Beige - 60"$27.97$26.04$24.11
FB-18004Sunbrella, Natural - 80"$48.80$43.92$39.04
FB-18033Sunbrella, Linen - 80"$48.80$43.92$39.04
FB-18072Sunbrella, Heather Beige - 80"$48.80$43.92$39.04

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