Tweezer Pattern: 1


Genuine Dumont tweezers are made in Switzerland at the Dumont factory which is universally recognized as the world’s finest maker of tweezers. Dumont offers this line of unequaled excellence to users who need the very best. They are the standard to which all other tweezers are measured. From the finest raw steel, to hand finishing and individual inspection, the Genuine Dumont name is your guarantee of perfection. They are highly recommended when working under magnification.

Dumont-2 tweezers are also made by the Dumont factory in Switzerland. Dumont 2 tweezers are an exceptional quality that rivals the Genuine Dumont at a greatly reduced price. The only difference you will notice is that the tips will not be quite as sharp and finely honed. Honestly, you can hardly tell the difference between the two types of Dumont tweezers. Dumont-2 tweezers should easily suit all your needs.

Viola tweezers have replaced what was our CSS brand. Viola tweezers are made in Italy by skilled craftsmen. We selected Viola tweezers as our general purpose line of tweezers due to their combination of extra high quality along with their reasonable cost. They are a considerable upgrade from the India and Pakistan tweezers we have sold in the past. These are top quality tweezers for all of your every day work, and much more.

Pattern #1 tweezers feature tapered shanks with beveled edges with strong, fairly sharp tips. Overall length 4-3/4". Made of stainless steel.


Remember when you are purchasing expensive fine pointed tweezers that once dropped on their points they are never the same. Be assured, if dropped, a pair of tweezers will almost always land point first on the hardest surface around. Tweezers must be handled carefully to protect your investment.

Unless otherwise noted, most all of the tweezers we offer are made of hardened stainless steel. Stainless steel offers good hardness along with very good corrosion resistance. Other materials such as brass, titanium, Teflon and others are available depending on the pattern.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-33010-D2Tweezers #1, Dumont-2$0.00
LS-33010-GDTweezers #1, Genuine Dumont$0.00
LS-33010-VATweezers #1, Viola$0.00

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