Ultra-Waxer Heated Spatula

Heated spatulas can go where no tacking iron has ever gone before. A heated spatula can apply pinpoint heat, at the exact temperature to the exact point needed. With the variety of shapes the interchangeable tips offer, you can apply heat with the accuracy of a needle or with one of the spade tips, reattach and smooth down a loose paint flake on a painting. Heated spatulas are great for every area of conservation work from paintings, works on paper, as well as objects conservation.

The Ultra-Waxer Heated Spatula features precise heat with 1°F accuracy and a temperature range from 100°F to 700°F. There is also a "Quick Heat" cycle for rapid heating of a newly replaced interchangeable tip to get you back to work quickly. All of the temperature settings and other features are set and adjusted through the touch pad key panel. This unit also has four user programmable temperature presets and a selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius LED temperature display.

The Ultra-Waxer Heated Spatula includes the control unit, hand-piece and interchangeable tip #599. The control units attached tip holder will hold an extra four of your favorite tips. You also get a clear protective cover and complete operating instructions. The interchangeable tips are made of ultra smooth chrome plated steel. The "Cool" cushion finger grips of each tip are color coded for easy identification. The tips range in shape from a fine curved needle, beaver tail, ®½ Hollenback and several spade shapes. The comfortable handpiece is made of light-weight aluminum and can use any of the nine differently shaped interchangeable tips.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-92120Ultra-Waxer Headed Spatula, 120V$0.00
LS-92230Ultra-Waxer Headed Spatula, 230V$0.00
LS-92599Ultra-Waxer Tip, #599$0.00
LS-92600Ultra-Waxer Tip, #600$0.00
LS-92601Ultra-Waxer Tip, #601$0.00
LS-92602Ultra-Waxer Tip, #602$0.00
LS-92603Ultra-Waxer Tip, #603$0.00
LS-92604Ultra-Waxer Tip, #604$0.00
LS-92605Ultra-Waxer Tip, #605$0.00
LS-92606Ultra-Waxer Tip, #606$0.00
LS-92607Ultra-Waxer Tip, #607$0.00
LS-92694Ultra-Waxer Tip, #694$0.00

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