Tissue Paper

Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue

Our Unbuffered acid-free tissue paper is excellent for stuffing, interleaving and a variety of other uses. It is translucent, acid-free, pH neutral, made from virgin alpha-cellulose pulp, and it contains no sulfur that could cause tarnish. Available in both sheets and rolls, it has countless applications in museums, archives or libraries. Our tissue has a thickness of approximately 0.001 of an inch. The tissue has a soft surface that makes it an ideal choice for separation wrapping of silk, leather and much more. It's an excellent choice for separating prints, colored prints, watercolors, drawings, lithographs and protecting of artifacts while also a great material for wrapping and packing of textiles for storage.

CSS Tissue Paper Specifications
Chemical Fiber(%):100%100%
GE Brightness:90.0090.00
Lignin Free:YesYes
Basis Weight (24x36-480):12.00 lbs.12.00 lbs.
Wt./Unit Area (g/sqm)21g/sqm21g/sqm
Acidity (pH)6.8-7.48.0-8.2
Calcium Carbonate (Min.)None3.5%
Sulphur Content (Max.):0.0004 ppm0.0004 ppm
Soluable Chlorides (Less Than):0.0250.025
Acid Content:0.02%0.02%
(Not Exceeding Equivalent SO3)
Bursting Strength:4.50 PSI4.50 PSI
Tearing Resistance:
Machine Direction8.67Grams8.67 Grams
Cross Direction11.33 Grams11.33 Grams
Tensile Resistance:
Machine Direction2.17 kg2.17 kg
Cross Direction1.20 kg1.20 kg
Gurley Porosity:4.0 sec/100ml4.8sec/100ml


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
PB-10310-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 10” x 15”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10310-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 10” x 15”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10320-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 20” x 30”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10320-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 20” x 30”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10330-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 30” x 40”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10330-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 30” x 40”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10340-1000 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 40” x 1,000' Roll$188.20
PB-10360-1000 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 60” x 1,000' Roll$228.80

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