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Tissue Paper

Buffered Acid-Free Tissue: Buffered Acid-Free Tissue

Lens Tissue Unbuffered: Our Lens Tissue is machine made in Japan of 100% abaca fibers. It is unbuffered and has a neutral pH.

PhotoTex Tissue: This high-purity, 100% cotton all rag sheet was developed to meet the highest quality standards for the storage of photographs, textiles, and works on paper.

Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue: Our Unbuffered acid-free tissue paper is excellent for stuffing, interleaving or a variety of uses. It is translucent, acid-free, pH neutral, made from virgin alpha-cellulose pulp, and it contains no sulfur that could cause tarnish.

Wet Strength Tissue: Our wet strength facing tissue is used to protect the face of a painting during restoration. It is often applied with a starch based adhesive.