Tissue Paper

Wet Strength Tissue

Our wet strength facing tissue is used to protect the face of a painting during restoration. It is often applied with a starch based adhesive. This tissue becomes transparent when wetted out. This tissue paper has a unique lint-free high permeability nonwoven structure designed for wet applications. It is manufactured to a high surface smoothness and uniformity. A special process mechanically ties-down surface fibers, controls thickness and densifies the structure to produce a strong, high tear strength wet and dry product quality. Its uniformity is comparable to many lightweight synthetic structures, although it is comprised of a special blend of abaca and other selected cellulose fibers.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
PB-10940-0300 Wet Strength Tissue Roll, 40” x 300'$118.08
PB-10940-0750 Wet Strength Tissue Roll, 40" x 750'$269.03

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