Adhesives & Consolidants

Animal Based Adhesives

Gelatin: Our gelatin is U.S.P. grade. It comes in the form of a coarse powder that is off white in color and has a bloom of 250.

Hide Glue 251: This is a good, medium strength hide glue. It's the best grade of hide glue for use in furniture restoration. This glue will form strong joints that can be more easily reversed then our 5A grade.

Hide Glue 5A: Our 5A hide glue is actually a premium grade high-test technical gelatin. 5A is classified as a technical gelatin because of its extra high purity and very light color.

Rabbit Skin Glue Domestic: Our domestic rabbit skin glue comes in the form of light amber colored granules and is of the highest purity and strength.

Rabbit Skin Glue French: Our imported rabbit skin glue comes in the form of small flat squares.